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Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to you and your staff team on the success of STEM week, with special thanks to Mrs Pughe for sharing her vision for this inspiring initiative to invigorate science teaching.


I was fortunate to be visiting year 2 this week when the Science Oxford team were leading an experiment with the class in order to demonstrate energy generation, and felt privileged to be able to see every child enthusiastically involved in practical science.


This enthusiasm was also evident on Friday when parents and carers across the school were invited into class rooms to see some of the many scientific activities of the week - with over 100 parents attending. Not only were the pupils engaged but many parents told me that at home they had been told all about the projects that had clearly been inspirational for so many.

I just wanted to thank you and all the staff involved for the excellent year 3 and 4 Easter production in church yesterday.


The children were clearly fully engaged and sang with real passion - there are some big voices in these classes! They were well rehearsed and confident with their words and actions, all of which contributed to making the event a success.


Well done!


"I just wanted to thank you very much for inviting me to join the visit to Christchurch yesterday, it proved to be a truly positive experience.

Feedback from the teachers attending indicated that the educational benefit of the tour was significant, and in terms of the Wow factor, the pupils certainly had the opportunity to experience awe and wonder at various stages throughout the interactive programme. Thanks to the staff team for their seamless organisation, and thanks too to the pupils for their excellent behaviour and perfect manners. This is of course part of our culture and something we have come to expect at Longwick; it is worth noting that it elicited numerous positive comments from our various cathedral guides."


“I just wanted to congratulate you on such an uplifting and inspiring celebration assembly this morning. The children were brilliant and the parents could have been in no doubt of the significance of the recent SIAMS outstanding award, and how well deserved it is. Well done and thank you for all that you do."


“I found the Year 6 assembly very moving and the children did very well with their reading. It is always a delight to join the school for collective worship – the children always behave impeccably and pay attention and join in with the prayers and singing."