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Members of the Community

Thank you  for making me feel so welcome. The activities spread within the woodland setting give a calmness to the site and it was good to see your children so engaged in and enjoying their experiences. I can understand why you like visiting Blackland Farm.

R Williams - County Outdoor Education Adviser

On behalf of Longwick Fete committee I would like to thank the children of Longwick school for their involvement with the village Fete from designing the front cover of the brochure, maypole dancing, garland making, learning the song and taking part in the parade. 

I would like to thank all the parents for their contributions towards the flower donations ,for buying raffle tickets and bringing their children to the fete to take part in our day

I would also like to thank Mr Liddle who is incredibly supportive of our efforts to involve the children in this traditional community activity.

We hope you all had a fantastic day at the fete and we will see you all again next year! Fete day Saturday 4th May 2019

Longwick Fete committee

“The children have done a wonderful job this morning. They are so mature and sensible. They have showed great respect this morning.” 


“Aren’t your children amazing? They really are a credit to your school.”


"Thank you for coming to visit us and sing for us.  Really lovely children, so polite and nice. You should be so proud. We hope you will come back at Easter."

'Please pass on my thanks to XXX for their time and kind attention - it's clear that they share our belief in the importance of sustaining local community institutions and the fostering of good relations and support networks in all aspects of village life. For this we are grateful.'