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Safeguarding Information

Safeguarding contacts

Headteacher Mr Liddle - Designated Lead

Deputy Headteacher Miss Brown - Additional Lead

Child Protection Governor Mrs Kerwood



If you have a concern about a child please contact Mr David Liddle or Miss Joel Brown via the School Office on 01844 344 769 or alternatively if out of school hours, weekends or holidays click on the button above.


Statement of Safeguarding

At Longwick CofE School, the health, safety and well-being of every child are of paramount concern, irrespective of ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender, gender re-assignment, religion, belief / non-belief or background. We are committed to ensuring that positive action is taken where necessary to redress the balance of inequality that may exist – for further details please refer to our Equalities and Cohesion policy which is available on the school website. We listen to our pupils and take seriously what they tell us. Our aim is for children to enjoy their time as pupils in this school. We want to work in partnership with parents to help children achieve their full potential and make a positive contribution to the world they will be part of in the future. To promote a safe environment for pupils, our selection and recruitment policy includes all checks on staff and regular volunteers’ suitability, including Disclosure and Barring Service Checks, as recommended by Buckinghamshire County Council in accordance with current legislation. In accordance with our responsibilities under section 175/157 of the Education Act 2002 and “Keeping Children Safe in Education” 2015, we have a Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection (Mr David Liddle) and an associate Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection (Miss Joel Brown - training pending) who are both members of the senior leadership team, and have received appropriate training for this role. It is their responsibility to ensure that all staff in contact with children receives child protection awareness training on a regular basis. There may be occasions when our concern about a child requires us to consult other agencies. Whilst we would always aim to work in partnership with parents and guardians, there may be exceptions to this when concerns are raised for the protection of a child. On very rare occasions Social Care, whilst undertaking an investigation under Section 47 of The Children Act 1989, may want to speak to a child without parents’ knowledge. This would be a decision made in collaboration with partner agencies and would only be done in situations where a child might be at immediate risk. To gain consent at this point may increase the level of risk to the child or cause evidence of a crime to be lost. All staff undertake regular Child Protection training and take part in WRAP (Workshop to Raise the Awareness of Prevent). Prevent is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy, identifying vulnerable people and preventing them from becoming involved in terrorism.


As a school we are in a prime situation to recognise and support young people and bring the strategy to life and keep our pupils safe. The procedures the school follows have been laid down by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, and the school has adopted a Child Protection Policy in line with this for the safety of all. If you want to know more about our procedures, please speak to the Headteacher, David Liddle, or your child’s class teacher: the Policy can be found on the school website.

Child Protection Leaflets

Please find below useful links to keep your child safe online.