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The Local Governing Body of Longwick C of E Combined School


ODBST (Oxford Diocese Bucks Schools Trust) is governed by a Board of Trustees who is responsible for overseeing the management and administration of ODBST and all the academies run by it including Longwick. The Trustees are accountable to external government agencies including the Charity Commission and the Department for Education for the quality of education they provide. They are required to have systems in place through which they can assure themselves of quality, safety and good practice. As Longwick is a Church of England school the Trustees are also accountable for ensuring that the academy provides an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. In order to discharge these responsibilities the Trustees appoint people who are locally based to serve on a local governing body which has been established to ensure the good governance of the school.


The strategic functions of the governing body are ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction: holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and the performance management of the staff: overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


The governing body is made up of 12 members: the Head Teacher; the Rector of St Mary’s Princes Risborough (ex officio); 2 Foundation governors appointed by the Diocese; 4 trust governors drawn from the local area, selected because of their skills and interests; 1 staff governor elected by staff members and 3 elected parent governors. With the exception of the Head Teacher, governors all hold office for a period of four years.


On conversion to an academy within the ODBST on 1st July 2018 all governors’ terms of office came to an end. All were reappointed as members of the Local governing body at that time and it was agreed that the expiry date of the original term of office would be observed to facilitate orderly succession planning.

Governor appointments and terms of office

Mrs Diane Kerwood

Foundation Governor

Appointed 17 Jun 2020

Expires 16 Jun 2024
Mrs Deborah Cadwallader

Trust Governor

Appointed 16 Jun 2019

Expires 15 Jun 2023
Mrs Claire Randall

Trust Governor

Appointed 13 Mar 2021

Expires 12 Mar 2025
Miss Clare Smith

Trust Governor

Appointed 17 May 2020

Expires 16 May 2024
Mrs Sophie Marshall

Trust Governor

Appointed 30 Nov 2021

Expires 14 Dec 2025
Rev David Williams

Ex Officio

Appointed 1 Jul 2018

Expires 30 Jun 2022
Mrs Alicia Vieira Nunes

Parent Governor

Appointed 6 May 2021

Expires 5 May 2025
Mrs Caroline Byrom

Parent Governor

Appointed 14 Dec 2021

Expires 13 Dec 2025
Mrs Hollie Carolan

Parent Governor

Appointed 14 Dec 2021

Expires 13 Dec 2025
Miss Martha Foster

Staff Governor

Appointed 29 Sept 2021

Expires 29 Sept 2025
Mrs Helen McCammond


Appointed 1 Jan 2022

Expires 31 Dec 2026
Mrs Elaine Needham

Foundation Governor

Appointed 9 March 2022

Expires 8 Mar 2026
Mrs Valerie Stattersfield

Foundation Governor

Appointed 04 Nov 2017

Expired 3 Nov 2021
Mrs Lucy Hendley

Parent Governor

Appointed 17 Jan 2019

Resigned 31 Aug 2021
Mrs Sophie Elkins

Staff Governor

Appointed 5 Nov 2019

Resigned 31 Aug 2021
Mr Chris Birley

Parent Governor

Appointed 17 Jul 2020

Resigned 6 Dec 2021
Mrs Jan Martin

Executive Headteacher

Appointed 1 Sept 2020

Expires 31 Dec 2021


Governors play a valuable and important role in the support of our school. They meet regularly together and work closely with the Head Teacher and the school staff. The responsibility for the actions and decisions of the governing body lies with the whole governing body not with individual members. All governors are required to undertake regular training provided to enable them to exercise their duties effectively. This is a vital part of being a governor enabling us to keep up to date with changes across all areas of education provision.

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Mrs Claire Randall

Chair of Governing Body; Education Committee;

Performance Management Committee

Mrs Sophie Marshall

Vice Chair of Governing Body, Chair of Education Committee; Safeguarding

Miss Clare SmithChair of Resources Committee
Mrs Diane Kerwood

Resources Committee; School Development Plan; SEN

Mrs Deborah Cadwallader

Education Committee; Development Governor; 

Performance Management Committee

Mrs Alicia Vieira NunesEducation Committee
Mrs Hollie CarolanEducation Committee
Mrs Caroline ByromResources Commitee
Miss Martha FosterEducation Committee
Mrs Elaine NeedhamResources Committee
Mrs Carole GreenClerk to Full Governing Body
Mr Jim Cadwallader

Clerk to Resources Committee

Clerk to Education Committee


The Governing Body meets twice each term and occasionally more frequently if there is urgent business that needs attention. The work is divided between 2 main committees: the Education committee oversees the curriculum and pupil welfare and also reviews most of the school’s management policies: the Resources committee (formerly called Finance & General Purpose committee) has responsibility for the school’s finances, setting the school budget and reviewing the school’s financial performance. In addition the committee monitors staff performance management as well as having responsibility for pay and other HR matters, Health & Safety and premises. The agendas and minutes of all governing body meetings are available to read in school.

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Contacting the governors

Governors welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents. Please contact the Chair of Governors, Claire Randall, through the school office or by email to