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Meet the Staff




Mrs Jan Martin

Executive Headteacher

Strategic management, Data and Assessment,

Health and Safety, SLT

Mrs Joel Feltwell

Head of School


Designated Safeguarding Lead, Curriculum, Behaviour,  

SLT, Looked After Children

Mrs Alexandra Vasey

Teacher - Reception


EYFS, SENDCo, Inclusion Manager,

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, SLT

Miss Martha Foster Teacher - Year 1


Mrs Gillian Healy Teacher - Year 2


KS1 Lead, English Lead, Geography, History, SLT


Mrs Alex Griffiths Teacher - Year 3 - Mon,     Tues MFL, Music
Mrs Marie Fry Teacher - Year 3 - Wed, Thurs, Fri Reading Lead, PSHE
Mrs Elaine Edwards Teacher - Year 4  

Mrs Emma Pughe

Teacher - Year 5


KS2 Lead, Science, Computing,

E-Safety Co-ordinator, SLT


Miss Sophie Elkins

Teacher - Year 6

Staff Governor, Maths, Art and DT

Mrs Jo Boothroyd French/Spanish Teacher

Mrs Hermione Colvin

Support Teacher

Mrs Sally Hicken

Supply Teacher

Mrs Barbara Ayre Supply Teacher  
Mrs Laura Fulstead Music teacher  

Mr Steven Kitchen

Peripatetic music teacher

 music tuition 1-1 & group


Mrs Veronica Wooster

Higher Level teaching assistant

Mrs Kate Blackwell

Higher Level teaching assistant

Mrs Wendy Walker

Higher Level teaching assistant

Miss Leoni Gilson

Teaching assistant

Miss Brettnie Tassi Teaching assistant
Mrs Nicola Mackinnon Teaching assistant
Mrs Nicole Hanson-Bond Teaching assistant
Mrs Becky Khaira Teaching assistant
Miss Emily Sutton


Miss Lauren Smith Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fiona Waterhouse

School Business Manager

Mrs Heather Coles Office Administrator

Mrs Jackie Miller

Finance & Admin Assistant

Mr Andrew Roots


Mrs Carol Rixon


Mrs Carrie Warwick

Midday supervisor

Mrs Sarah Green

Midday supervisor

Miss Sam Lawrence

Midday supervisor & cleaner

Mrs Julia Lineham

Midday supervisor




Gallery of our Staff

Mrs Martin - Executive Head
Mrs Feltwell - Head of School
Mrs Vasey - EYFS Class Teacher/Lead, SENDco
Miss Foster - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Healy - Year 2 Teacher, KS1 Lead
Mrs Griffiths - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Fry - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Edwards - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Pughe - Year 5 Class Teacher, KS2 Lead
Miss Elkins - Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs Colvin - Support Teacher
Mrs Hicken - Supply Teacher
Mrs Ayre - Supply Teacher
Mrs Wooster - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Blackwell - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Walker - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Tassi - Teaching Assistant
Miss Gilson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mackinnon - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hanson-Bond - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Khaira - Teaching Assistant
Miss Sutton - Apprentice LSA
Miss Smith - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Waterhouse - School Business Manager
Mrs Coles - Office Administrator
Mrs Miller - Finance & Admin Assistant
Mr Roots - Caretaker
Mrs Rixon - Cleaner
Mrs Warwick - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Green - Midday Supervisor
Miss Lawrence - Midday Supervisor & Cleaner
Mrs Lineham - Midday Supervisor
Rector David Williams
Curate Pat Kerr