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I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed attending both yesterday's Easter play and today's celebration assembly.

The play was so professional and the children did a marvellous job with their lines -  I think particular praise should go to the pupil who played Jesus who had so many to learn!

I always enjoy the end of term assemblies as I think it is so important to recognise the children's achievements.  Obviously I was there this time also with my proud parent hat on but from a governor's point of view, to hear about all of the successes is wonderful.  I would especially like to mention the two amazing RE performances from the Year 6s, both of which blew me away through their song writing skill and confidence in performing.


We would be very grateful if you could pass this email or forward our thanks to staff for helping to make the Echoes concert at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday such an amazing and memorable event for my child and us!


We went to watch last night and were left quite emotional by the scale of it and the collective enthusiasm of all the children (and parents!). Really appreciate the logistical work that has gone into making Longwick part of this event, but well worth it. Thank you once again.

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the Maths workshop today – it has really helped me as a parent to understand how Maths is taught and how I can provide extra support from home. I really like the emphasis on reasoning/mastery vs providing the correct answer only and the enthusiasm which you both had for the topic was also infectious!


A huge thank you to the staff involved

I just wanted to say how wonderful today's nativity performance was.  The staff did an outstanding job of organising such a smooth running and entertaining performance.  The children were all amazing and I think a special commendation should be given to the donkey for such brave and beautiful singing.
Just wanted to say what an informative evening it was last night. As a parent of a teenager as well as a 10 year old I consider myself to be fairly clued up when it comes to internet safety. However I learnt a lot last night and came home and changed some of my settings once I got in. 

I WhatsApp’d the year 6 parents last night saying how useful the evening was and have pointed them in the direction of the school website safeguarding page. I know that many of the children will be getting phones (if they haven’t already) in preparation for high school. 

Just a quick note to say, yet again, another very informative e-safety evening this evening. All phones now checked!


Every year I learn something new and this year was no exception.


Please thank Graham and the staff for giving up their evenings.

I just wanted to drop an email to say what a great meet the teacher meeting it was yesterday. The teachers were brimming with enthusiasm which was infectious. I’m sure the children will enjoy the year and all the challenges  ahead of them.  I almost wish I was in the class and certainly wish that the teacher could have taught me Maths!

I also wanted to say what a great idea the new homework project is. Having a child in secondary school I think it will give them a lesson in time management and whether they work a bit at a time or complete it just before the deadline. It is also open to all the children’s interpretation and differing approaches and is so much more appealing than the homework grid. 

I look forward to this last year at Longwick and we will work with our child at home to support the teachers work in school.


My daughter had a wonderful 1st day and can't wait to go back tomorrow!. She's already asking to have a play date but doesn't quite know with who yet!
A huge thank you to everyone who helped put on a brilliant sports day - it was the best yet and I am not just saying that because Oak won.

Loved the races and the relay and the super huge 1,2,3 badges which I know were an admin error but were FANTASTIC.

Thanks again for making this such a fantastic day for the kids and the parents.

Gran came all the way from Australia and loved every minute

Thank you so much for all the support you have given to my daughter since she broke her leg and has been in a wheelchair. We’re both so grateful to the school for all the help the staff have given her.

We’d also like to thank the school for the anti-bullying week. My daughter found this very helpful.

Last night I attended the E-Safety Parent's Evening (hosted at Longwick  Combined School) that you notified us about.

I just wanted to let you know that I found it a very useful and informative event. Whilst our children are some way off from using social media, there was much that I learned as regards general principles about helping to keep children safe online that I feel will be helpful both now and in the future.

Thank you for making this event known to us and so giving me the opportunity to attend it.

Parent of Pupil at Cuddington and Dinton School

I'm a mum and my daughter has just started in Reception, the team have been just brilliant with my daughter.

She's suffered for a while with separation anxiety and really had me worried about leaving me for long periods. But how wrong was I to worry she absolutely loves school !!


The support and empathy that has been shown has made her transition into full time school effortless with no stress at all. She cant wait to get into school and says her days are 'exciting' and 'too much fun mummy'.

I would just like to thank you all and let you know what a great little school you have
Here's to many more enjoyable years.

I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely teddy bears picnic this afternoon. The current reception class are an absolute credit to Longwick. They were so polite and kind and really looked after my son.


It was such a lovely idea. He can't wait to join you in September.

April 2017


I just wanted to say thank you for the Year 4 trip to Shortenills. It was our son's first trip away from home and he was a bit anxious about going but I had nothing to worry about because he had a fantastic time. He was so excited to tell me all about the activities and all the adventures they had. He particularly enjoyed all the delicious food. Shortenills was an excellent first trip away for him, providing a safe, caring and fun environment. He had a wonderful time and with no hint of homesickness ! Thank you also to everyone at Longwick that helped and made the trip possible. Thank you!

April 2017


We would like to pass on our sincere gratitude to you all for enabling our daughter to have a

 fantastic, fun filled first stay away from home. Her confidence has grown and she is full of happy memories to last a lifetime! The tweets you sent were very reassuring and gave a great summary of the children's activities.

Thank you once more.

Many thanks for taking the time to meet with me for parents evening and for such a positive meeting.

It is so reassuring to hear how well my child is doing and progressing and how far she has come since joining Longwick school.

Just a note to say how lovely it was to watch the Yr 3 & 4 children take part in the Basketball tournament this afternoon. It was wonderful they received the Fair Play Award as they always conduct themselves so well when outside school and because they practised so enthusiastically whilst not playing matches.
I just wanted to send my belated thanks for the very informative E-Safety talk last week. I certainly learnt a lot of helpful tools to deal with my primary and secondary aged children and their use of the internet and mobile phone apps. I would highly recommend all parents to attend as although I consider myself fairly savvy I still learnt lots of useful facts that I was oblivious to and It will protect my children now and in the future.

We wanted to thank all of the teachers, staff and Mr Liddle for the amazing KS2 lessons and carol concert last night. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The children spoke out clearly and the singing was, as usual full of energy and enthusiasm. We appreciate all to time put in by everyone to make it such a wonderful occasion. Well done!

Many thanks
My husband and I would like to say congratulations for putting together an amazing Nativity play today.

As I've mentioned to you before, we have found it quite stressful getting into the church in previous years, queuing for ages outside only to be at the back of the church unable to see our daughter very well at all.  This year with the introduction of the seating sections for each year group and the ticketing, we felt that it was a much more civilised affair and proved to be very well organised.  We think it's a more than fair way for all the parents to see their children over the years and everyone gets a turn to be nearest the front.

We would like to thank you, all the teachers and other members of staff involved in organising the play as we realise the hard work that must go into something like this!

Thank you so much for running the e-safety workshop earlier this week.  We found it really interesting, slightly scary and a real eye opener for what we will meet once our children move further into the online world. 


The main message we will take away is that we need to decide as a family what our approach will be, in advance, rather than just waiting to see what happens.  It was great to have the opportunity to have so much explained so clearly by Alison. 


Dear Mr Liddle.

Sat here warm watching swimming at silly o'clock it occurred to me that I hadn't thanked the dedicated staff, yourself included, for arranging and organising the cross-country event last week. Despite the pouring rain, what you enabled the children to experience in a caring safe environment is invaluable. 

So often these extra events that take up staff time go unnoticed and I didn't want this to be one of those occasions.  


Many thanks again

Thank you for organising a great week of Science activities and lessons for the children and for inviting the parents in to see some of the work. My children really enjoyed the week. It is lovely to hear them talk about the activities when they came home from school - they even want to try some experiments themselves this weekend! 

It was lovely to be invited to attend the Year 3 assembly this morning. The class gave a very thoughtful assembly which was presented very confidently. Thank you for the opportunity to see our children involved in a class presentation and to show our support to them and their teacher.
What great news, but we know what a wonderful job you do with our children anyway, we don't need the authorities to tell us that your 'Outstanding'.  Well done to everyone!
I just wanted to send a quick message to everyone at Longwick school (that includes the teachers, reception staff, Linda, TA's etc!) to say well done and well deserved on your LA  Report. As parents, we know what a great school it is and how our children are thriving, so it is great to get recognition from outside. 
A big congratulations and keep up the good work (at least for another year, until XXX leaves!).

Just wanted to let you know XXX came home from school on Friday and said she'd had an

excellent week at school. She is so happy she got a pen license, got 10/10 in spellings and wrote 5 paragraphs in big write! She's looking forward to the class assembly today too!

Just to say, what a wonderful assembly! I am so proud!
"XXX absolutely loves school, he had a brilliant week last week achieving a deputy head teachers award and maths certificate. I just wanted to say thank you to all for making it a lovely school that he enjoys coming to."

'Congratulations on such a wonderful school you have.'


'The new assessment system seems to be very clear.  Well done!'


'This school is better than private.  I'm not a Christian but my children follow the Christian values and they are better behaved than children from other schools.'


'The teachers work so hard and they really are doing a great job!'

“A huge thank you to everyone involved with the organisation and running of sports day. It was such a lovely day and brilliantly run from start to finish. The picnic lunch was a great idea and a lovely way of being able to celebrate the day. The fact that the children were participating in houses rather than year groups meant that we were able to watch them all participate in each activity and track all their progress. Clearly the practise helped too, it was a first for all of them and yet they took it completely in their stride. I also greatly appreciate the fact that Longwick chose to give its pupils the opportunity to be involved in a degree of competitive sport. For those who are less academic it is a real chance to shine and this was obvious on the day."

“Thank you so much for making this a brilliant day for both children and parents.”

We just wanted to put in writing what a wonderful job you and your respective teams are doing at Longwick School.
Having had children at the school for 6 years, we think it has never been in better shape. The care and commitment to our children is the best it has been since we have been involved. It make us very proud that the school is performing so well academically, pastorally and socially. The rise in the number of clubs run by teachers and admin staff is a good reflection of the passion that you and all the staff have to develop our children and the school.
Well done and thank you.

The girls performed with a measure of skill, ability, maturity, commitment, competitiveness and effort that was not just the equal of every other school there; it was in nearly every case ahead of every other school. Longwick, with its small school population, was competing with and beating some schools with a population big enough to field two full strength teams. Most had a full complement of year six girls. We had a couple of year 4 girls there who only started playing this Sept but you couldn’t tell them apart from their more senior, experienced colleagues.


"The effort and application of every member of that group toward getting the results was first class.  They also played in the right way; their grace and manner in victory and defeat was just the same. They supported each other fabulously; there were no cliques, no criticisms of any mistakes. Their heads never once dropped. They were positive through every single step. They represented this school with incredible maturity and I was very, very proud to be able to say one of my girls was on that team and goes to a school that produced such a wonderful group. Sometimes teams can win, but win in the wrong way. Ultimately they tend to fade because in those challenging moments that every team experiences they turn on each other and don’t have enough character to pull through. In this case not only was the performance enough to convince me but the girls attitude gives me complete faith that at some point their rewards will come. They should be very, very proud of themselves and they were a credit to you, the school and of course to their coaches who also deserve an enormous amount of praise.”


“My child has thrived at Longwick and this is reflected by his daily enthusiasm to attend and his enjoyment of school life.”

The school has a strong, caring Christian ethos.”


“I found the Year 6 assembly very moving and the children did very well with their reading.  It is always a delight to join the school for collective worship – the children always behave impeccably and pay attention and join in with the prayers and singing.  I am a very proud mum this morning!”


“He loves RE and really enjoys Splash Club. I am not a practising Christian but it important to me that my child has an understanding. Due to his interest in RE at school and attending Splash Club I have bought Bible stories for him that we can read together.”


“There are benefits from active involvement from the Rector, David Williams. This is embraced by the children and they talk about Christian values and life without seeing this as anything else than being part of their normal day. As parents, we value this.”


“I was lost and I was about to give up and I couldn’t believe it when my child said that I should use the Christian values and persevere!  When we arrived she then told me that we were going to use compassion to help the people.”