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Many congratulations to you and the whole staff team for organising such an inspirational STEM week and in particular the exhibition of science projects on Friday. With over 120 parents attending it was wonderful to see children excitedly demonstrating some of the many experiments they had been involved with through the week and often using scientific language to explain what they had learnt. (Incidentally I’m  not sure whether the fish in year 1 proved the most popular exhibit or the chromatography in year 5!)


Thank you for all that you do to make science a real strength at Longwick.

I would like to thank you for leading such a successful Art week for Longwick. The exhibition for the parents and carers this afternoon clearly showcased the various artistic talents of every pupil across the school and I learnt from speaking to several of the children how much they have enjoyed the opportunity to be creative.(Highlights for me were the penguins in reception class and the totem poles in year 5!)


You may know that governors are keen to develop cultural capital across the curriculum helping to close the gap for some pupils - the originality of art week  resonates with this objective.

It was lovely to see everyone out on the field enjoying themselves this afternoon. There were so many different events happening and every body so engaged. Please pass on my congratulations to all the staff and especially Mr Humphreys for organising such a successful occasion.
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the trip to Greatmoor with Year 4 today.  It was a really interesting place to visit but the children really contributed to making it a great trip.  They were very well behaved, seemed really engaged and asked some great questions.  They included me in their conversations and confidently answered my questions.  As always I enjoyed watching the teaching staff in action, they really do all do a wonderful job.
A brief note to say how much I enjoyed Assembly yesterday.  The amount of work that must have been put into the “performance” was truly impressive.  Congratulations and thanks to all concerned.

I want to congratulate you on the special assembly organised for the Bishop today. It was a real celebration of all that makes Longwick exceptional. Feedback from the Bishop and all our invited guests was universally positive - and especially those colleagues from ODBST who now have a clear understanding of our school ethos. Thank you, and I know you will pass on our thanks to your brilliant staff team for making our academisation assembly so truly memorable.

Thank you for your hospitality during our visit this morning,would you please pass on to your staff our sincere thanks for all their assistance?


As you know the governors have a significant role in preserving and maintaining the spiritual and moral character of the school, and as Foundation governors appointed by the Oxford Diocese, we have additional responsibilities to the Board for ensuring the commitment of school leaders to Christian distinctiveness.


It is evident through all that we saw and experienced today that the school's Christian foundation is important to the whole school community, with numerous examples seen of the school's Christian values being embedded in the life of the school, making this a most positive and rewarding visit for us both.

Just a quick note to thank you for the visit I had on Wednesday to look at the provision for More Able children. It was lovely to see all the children behaving well, engaged in their learning and enjoying school.


Everytime I am lucky enough to visit classrooms, I’m impressed by how calm and collected members of staff manage to be! The mind boggles at the huge disparity of levels within each class and the methods used to differentiate challenge were very clear and effective. 


Please pass my thanks and congratulations on to the whole team.


Thank you so much for inviting me to accompany you and your class to the Natural History museum today - a fascinating visit with the children fully participating in the awe and wonder inspired by being surrounded by so very many dinosaurs!

All the guides including the university academics were impressed by the knowledge and vocabulary of such young pupils (I don't get the sense that many primary school visitors know that the science being demonstrated is palaeontology!)

Of course, as expected, their behaviour was exemplary.

Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to you and your staff team on the success of STEM week, with special thanks to Mrs Pughe for sharing her vision for this inspiring initiative to invigorate science teaching.


I was fortunate to be visiting year 2 this week when the Science Oxford team were leading an experiment with the class in order to demonstrate energy generation, and felt privileged to be able to see every child enthusiastically involved in practical science.


This enthusiasm was also evident on Friday when parents and carers across the school were invited into class rooms to see some of the many scientific activities of the week - with over 100 parents attending. Not only were the pupils engaged but many parents told me that at home they had been told all about the projects that had clearly been inspirational for so many.

I just wanted to thank you and all the staff involved for the excellent year 3 and 4 Easter production in church yesterday.


The children were clearly fully engaged and sang with real passion - there are some big voices in these classes! They were well rehearsed and confident with their words and actions, all of which contributed to making the event a success.


Well done!


"I just wanted to thank you very much for inviting me to join the visit to Christchurch yesterday, it proved to be a truly positive experience.

Feedback from the teachers attending indicated that the educational benefit of the tour was significant, and in terms of the Wow factor, the pupils certainly had the opportunity to experience awe and wonder at various stages throughout the interactive programme. Thanks to the staff team for their seamless organisation, and thanks too to the pupils for their excellent behaviour and perfect manners. This is of course part of our culture and something we have come to expect at Longwick; it is worth noting that it elicited numerous positive comments from our various cathedral guides."


“I just wanted to congratulate you on such an uplifting and inspiring celebration assembly this morning. The children were brilliant and the parents could have been in no doubt of the significance of the recent SIAMS outstanding award, and how well deserved it is. Well done and thank you for all that you do."


“I found the Year 6 assembly very moving and the children did very well with their reading. It is always a delight to join the school for collective worship – the children always behave impeccably and pay attention and join in with the prayers and singing."