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Art and Design


Art at Longwick focuses on ensuring children are engaged, inspired and challenged within different Art topics throughout their time here. They are given the opportunity to express themselves through various mediums, using a variety of tools and techniques.  Pupils are taught to use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share ideas and their imagination. As the pupils progress, they should be able to think more critically about Artwork, through studies of different Artists and designers describing the differences and similarities between different practices and discipline, making links to their own work.  It is important that they also know how Art can contribute to the culture and creativity of our nation. 

Longwick's Art Curriculum

Art Week 2019


Our theme for Art week this year was 'All around the world'.  Each class focused on a different continent for the week and completed a variety of Art activities connected to their continent.  They looked at famous artists, landmarks and the cultures of the countries within the continent.  Each class took part in a music workshop where they experienced traditional music from that continent.  We ended the week with a school gallery to celebrate our learning and we loved sharing our learning with our friends and family! 


Have a look at some of our amazing learning below.