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Our Curriculum

The 2014 National Curriculum forms the basis for our Longwick curriculum.  We have designed it carefully to ensure that it provides opportunities for pupils to become prepared to contribute actively to their local and wider communities as well as having the skills they need to continue their life long learning journey.

We recognise that children learn  best through memorable, first hand experiences, our curriculum is supported by a range of visits and experiences. and made relevant by making links between subjects in engaging contexts.   In all planning children are involved in the process

We offer a range of clubs during lunch and after school, giving opportunities for pupils to explore many interests such as dance, French, netball, football and art. 

On each class page on the school website there are a number of documents to help you keep up to date with your child’s curriculum, these are;
·                     Class Timetable
·                     Newsletter
·                     Long term plan showing the curriculum for each year group
·                     Curriculum map – showing what will be taught each half term
I hope you enjoy finding out about our Curriculum at Longwick.