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Design & Technology

Design and Technology


Through our Design and Technology curriculum, we intend to develop creative problem solvers; we want our children to identify the needs of others and develop ideas which respond to these.


This is supported by our school aims to develop curious learners who have opportunities to contribute to our school, local community and the wider world as responsible citizens.

Longwick's Design & Technology Curriculum


Yearly overviews of units are uploaded below - please note that this is a guide and unit lengths may change dependent on teacher judgement.  Make sure to check your curriculum map on you class page for more information each half term.  There is also a document explaining how skills in each unit are developed through the years at Longwick.



Throughout their time at Longwick, the children are provided with a variety of opportunities to develop their cooking skills!  In Years 2 and 5, they will take part in whole class cooking units where they design and create their own variations of pizza and bread.


Every class also takes part in small group cooking where they create various dishes such as stuffed peppers, scones and fruit salads!

STEM Week 2019


The year's STEM week had a polar explorers theme.  Each class took part in design & technology activities during STEM week.  For example, Years 5 & 6 designed and created ocean grabbers and polar ships.  They tested existing products which could help, designed their own and created prototypes


3D Printing Project 2019


Year 2 and KS2 took part in a 3D printing project!  Each child designed their own keyring using CAD (computer aided design) and then watched it come to life in the 3D printer!