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Design & Technology

Design and Technology


At Longwick, children are encouraged to express their creativity and develop problem solving skills through designing and creating a range of products.  Each year group is presented with a different focus and they must design a purposeful, functional and appealing product with a specific user in mind.  Once their ideas have been generated and developed, the children design and make models safely using a range of tools and equipment.  As part of their work with food, the children learn how to cook and prepare a variety of healthy, nutritious meals whilst also considering seasonality.  At the end of each focus, the children reflect on the success of their product and evaluate changes or improvements that could be made.

Longwick's Design & Technology Curriculum



Throughout their time at Longwick, the children are provided with a variety of opportunities to develop their cooking skills!  In Years 2 and 5, they will take part in whole class cooking units where they design and create their own variations of pizza and bread.


Every class also takes part in small group cooking where they create various dishes such as stuffed peppers, scones and fruit salads!


3D Printing Project


Year 2 and KS2 took part in a 3D printing project!  Each child designed their own keyring using CAD (computer aided design) and then watched it come to life in the 3D printer!